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Arts-In-Education Programs
The Company offers students and teachers (3rd-12 grade) programs in:
(a) Play Writing,
(b) Play Production
(c) Theatre-in-School performances
(d) Dance Production.
(e) Music Education
Supplementary programs for teachers and parents of affected students are also provided. Program goals: (a) improve student’s arts and academic skills, (b) connect students and schools to arts resources, and (c) improve schools’ arts curricula. Blueprint for the arts components are utilized throughout each program.
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Play Writing and Play Production: Through these programs students learn how to write one-act plays and produce these works for the school community.
Theatre-in-School performances: This program brings quality Off Off and Off Broadway plays to the school community. These plays are performed by professional actors and are suitable for school-aged youths. See our special offers on our Theatre-in-School page.
Dance Production:Through dance residencies students learn about African dance, and are introduced to basic Hip Hop dance steps and choreography. At the end of the program students produce and promote  dance concerts for the school community.
All programs are delivered as In-School Residencies, with varying lengths of activity. NIA Production Inc. is a contract vendor with the NYC Department of Education.
For more information call: 718 346-6591 or email:
2013 AIE Programs
Two Bridges Neighborhood Council
Poetry Writing
Below are poems written by Two Bridges Council students in our 2013 Poetry Writing Program
My hair is like ribbon
My skin is like gentle fur
My eyes are honest, not fibbing
My voice is not like a sir’s
My home is in America
And I love anyone that doesn’t often stir.
By Emily
My hair is like the ocean waves
My skin is like a puppy’s tummy
My eyes are dark like caves
My voice is unique like a bunny
I wish to live in a mansion with a clean pool
And I love gummies.
By Ashley
My hair is like a waterfall
My skin is like smooth sand
My voice is like the songs in the mall
My eyes look to a faraway land
I live in a building
And I love that I’m not in a band.
By Crystal
My hair is like a river
My skin is soft and whitish
My voice is not like an icky river
My eyes are like bright-ish
I live in a book
And I love that my hair is light-ish.
By Sonia
My hair is like silk
My skin is like feathers
My eyes are like milk
My voice changes with the weather
I live in New York
And I love and love my together.
By Alice
Wet rain, go away
Make you wet and soaks your socks
Makes the mood gloomy.
By Ashley
Bullies are like thieves
They go around stupidly
Bullies, Go away!
By Crystal
I hate all Liars
Liars stink and so do hobos
Never ever lie.
By Emily
If Poem
If flutes were violins
And violins were flutes
They’d be stringy and high pitched
And big and have roots.
By Crystal
Color Poems
Blue is the splashing of a wave
The jays in the sky
The flowers under the scythe blue cotton candy
By Sonia
Pink looks like pink roses
Pink sounds like a pop stars fashionable clothing
Pink smells like sweet perfume
Pink tastes like sweet frosting
Pink feels like fashion.
By Crystal
Lime Green
Lime green looks like cream
Lime green sounds like swish swish
Lime green smells like lime
Lime green tastes like pickles
Lime green feels ever so rough.
By Emily
Silver looks like shiny sparkles
Silver sounds like a clank!
Silver smells sweet like frosting
Silver tastes so sweet
Silver feels very smooth
By Emily
There once was a dog named Ray
Who always loved the hay
He always ate it from the barn
Then set off the alarm
But even if he wants hay, I will say okay.
By Crystal
The Curious Girl
There once was a girl who was curious
She was also hilarous
She stuck her foot in a puppet
She screamed like a muppet
I pulled out laughing while she was furious.
By Emily
Red Licorice
By Crystal
Disney World
Magic kingdom
By Crystal
Any color eggs,
Bumpy on the top and the bottom
Cracks on the side
Down come the bunnies
Eggs covered with Chocolate
For everyone to find
Good hiding places
Hats covering them
Jumping ducking,
Kicking everything behind
Laying on the grass
Must they rest at last
Nests of eggs
On high trees
Peeping everywhere
Quack, quack, comes out the ducklings
Roster mothers shriek
Screaming goes the hens
Toughly they ducklings respond
Using their tough voice box
Violence not their answer
When they use their voice box
Xylophones play
Yay! scream the birds they dose off.
By Emily and Ashanti
The homesick animals return
From their long journey
Earth blossoms into tiny buds
The sky has puffy clouds
Earth comes to life
And the animals stir
Ice melts with a crackle
As birds tweet their welcoming songs
Spring has return.
By Emily
A new season is here
It’s finally spring
While fresh trees rustle
A Little brown bird sings
The sweet flowers are blossoms
And the people use their razors
To cut down the trees
Well, its all part of nature
In the bright clear blue sky
Butterflies fly around
And while small animals
Scurry around on the ground.
By Crystal
Down! Goes the rain
Whoosh! Goes the water
Splash! Goes the wave
All nature.
By Sonia
Crystal dear snowflakes
Dark falls fast
Wind blowing wildly
Peaceful night at rest
Whoosh Whoosh
Snowball flies by
As it hit you
Quiet night thoughts
Wind whistling
Waves crashing
Interrupted by honks of cars
Step step step
Woosh woosh woosh
Brr brr
Zip zip zip
All sounds of winter
Glistening skies
It is
By Sonia
AABB Pattern
Basketball is orange and black
Some players are wack
Most players are tall
They run and shoot the ball
Some teams win
Other teams grin
Some coaches are happy
Some coaches are nappy.
By Ikeya
Sun and Moon
You go up and I go down
I see myself as an angel when nobody can see me
I look in the lake and see the moon a my halo
And the clouds as my get away
I start to see the light blue, dark green, light green
And the angel inside that I could see, disappears
I look up and the devil inside me appears
My halo turns into horns and my get away
Turns into a dark cage
People begin to see the real me when the sun comes up
But I turn into something I’m not supposed to
By Ieshia
AABB pattern Summer
Its summer
Its summer
Its hot Like a big pot
I went to the beach
But do I have to teach
But its summer mom!
And my dad is named Tom
Oh no I got to go
And that’s all I know
Then I will drink tea
And sit and look at the sea
Oh no
Oh no
Here is the tax
Can I pay for the gas?
Hurry into my car
And I drive far
Vroom vroom vroom
Quick before it’s my doom
By Alize
ABAB Pattern
The school bell rings
Every single day
There is no king
That’s what they say
After the moms drop them off
The kids play with the hay
And they play the sport golf
At the end the kids shout Hey!
By Alice and Crystal
Attractive, girly
Walking dancing chatting
Pretty twirling cameras sweet
Carpe Diem Poem
If this was the last day on earth
I will ask Zeus to be immortal
So I can hug my parents goodbye
I will also go and climb Mount Everest
Then I will still be alive
Seize the Day For 24 hours 
In that amount of time
Do whatever you want
For tomorrow is your last day
You have to LOL
You have to LOL
Have a good time
For tomorrow is your last day
I would do anything I have time to
But live your
life Because you will be dead
Sophia the Fairy
This is a tale of Sophia
Who loved to fly around
She never took a rest
She never touched the ground
When her mom called her down
She would always say no
Even though she still got food
She would never fly low
When she was a young woman
She had 3 little children
But she did not care about them
So they lived in a fairy building
So when she grew old
She didn’t want to fly
She stopped her way and closed her eyes and fell down and died
ABC Ballad Poem in ABAB pattern
Addie pops out a rock at 3am
But she wasn’t just an ordinary girl
Can she fly at the count of ten
Down she goes with a whirl
Every second of the day, controlling the earth
Feeling pride as she goes
Gone with the wind feeling worth
Happily goes home to doze
"I’ve never felt so strong inside"
Joking with BFF Sally
Kindly she would be a guide
Leading the scouts to a rally
Meeting a black cat on the way home
Never superstitious before
Only stopping for an ice cream cone
Pulled to the Earth’s very core
Quiet as a cat
Resting with the lava
She jumps out fast as a bat
To find a shop full of guava
Unfortunately it was too expensive
Violins played a sad song
What will we do without getting defensive?
X-Ray eyes find money, but it was wrong
Yet the day is over
ZZZZ dreaming of a pink 4 leaf clover
By Ashley, Sonia, Crystal, Emily and Alice
A Hundred Years Ago
A hundred years ago water was cleaner than now
But now it stands polluted
Can you believe that it’s so foul
Does it ever get saluted?
Electric refrigerators were just invented
"Founded the useful Bra"
Goodness they were sold and not rented
How is that not against the law?
In that time parachutes were created
Jumping out of the sky was now safe
Keeping crowds watching as they waited
Looking on with faith
Moms were using cloth diapers for babies
Never having to use palm leaves
"Oh please give us a break" said the ladies
Please I beg you Please
Quickly there came the crossword puzzle
Reminding you of what you learned
Successfully swept the nation like a guzzle
Thinking leads to knowledge earned
Under the sea the water holds wonders
Verifying history through time
Wow I never knew knowledge flashed like a thunder
X-Raying our ancestors climb
Yes, the seaport holds our secrets close
Ziplocking memories like an unpredictable host
By Ashley, Emily, Alice, Crystal, Sonia, Ashanti and Ashley
Never forget how beautiful you are and how much you are loved. And always, always keep writing.
Ms. Hollie
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