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Play Development
Our Play Development program develops new plays by emerging playwrights from the African Diaspora. The program seeks to assist writers in launching their careers and bringing their work to underserved communities. Playwrights are recruited via word of mouth, announcements at our main stage productions, ads in local newsletters and newspapers.The Company generally works with two playwrights and produces two main stage productions each year.
Our prime interest, through this program, is to develop plays which focus on people deemed by society as powerless and downtrodden. Furthermore, the plays must entertain and educate. Submitted scripts undergo scrutiny by the artistic director for its (a) story line, (b) length, (c) number of characters, (d) technical needs, and (e) level of readiness for production.
Accepted scripts undergo a six-month developmental process which includes one-on-one instruction as well as stage readings. Our Main Stage production events are the culmination of this process.  Plays are performed in targeted areas as well as in the NYC theatre district.
Interested writers send scripts to:
L.Earl Ford, Ed.D.
NIA Theatrical Production Company
138 South Oxford St., Rm. 4A
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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