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Arts-In-Education Programs

The Company offers students and teachers (3rd-12 grade) programs in:

(a) Play Writing,

(b) Play Production

(c) Theatre-in-School performances

(d) Dance Production.

(e) Music Education

Supplementary programs for teachers and parents of affected students are also provided. Program goals: (a) improve student’s arts and academic skills, (b) connect students and schools to arts resources, and (c) improve schools’ arts curricula. Blueprint for the arts components are utilized throughout each program.

To download complete brochure see below:

Play Writing and Play Production: Through these programs students learn how to write one-act plays and produce these works for the school community.

Theatre-in-School performances: This program brings quality Off Off and Off Broadway plays to the school community. These plays are performed by professional actors and are suitable for school-aged youths. See our special offers on our Theatre-in-School page.

Dance Production:Through dance residencies students learn about African dance, and are introduced to basic Hip Hop dance steps and choreography. At the end of the program students produce and promote dance concerts for the school community.

All programs are delivered as In-School Residencies, with varying lengths of activity. NIA Production Inc. is a contract vendor with the NYC Department of Education.

For more information call: 718 346-6591 or email:

2013 AIE Programs

Two Bridges Neighborhood Council

Poetry Writing

Below are poems written by Two Bridges Council students in our 2013 Poetry Writing Program



My hair is like ribbon

My skin is like gentle fur

My eyes are honest, not fibbing

My voice is not like a sir’s

My home is in America

And I love anyone that doesn’t often stir.

By Emily


My hair is like the ocean waves

My skin is like a puppy’s tummy

My eyes are dark like caves

My voice is unique like a bunny

I wish to live in a mansion with a clean pool

And I love gummies.

By Ashley


My hair is like a waterfall

My skin is like smooth sand

My voice is like the songs in the mall

My eyes look to a faraway land

I live in a building

And I love that I’m not in a band.

By Crystal


My hair is like a river

My skin is soft and whitish

My voice is not like an icky river

My eyes are like bright-ish

I live in a book

And I love that my hair is light-ish.

By Sonia


My hair is like silk

My skin is like feathers

My eyes are like milk

My voice changes with the weather

I live in New York

And I love and love my together.

By Alice



Wet rain, go away

Make you wet and soaks your socks

Makes the mood gloomy.

By Ashley


Bullies are like thieves

They go around stupidly

Bullies, Go away!

By Crystal


I hate all Liars

Liars stink and so do hobos

Never ever lie.

By Emily


If Poem

If flutes were violins

And violins were flutes

They’d be stringy and high pitched

And big and have roots.

By Crystal


Color Poems

Blue is the splashing of a wave

The jays in the sky

The flowers under the scythe blue cotton candy


By Sonia

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